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Kennel Cover - Dog Kennel Cover

The Kennel Sun Block Top is a woven UV treated polypropylene top with reinforced brass grommets. The sun block top provides shade to help keep your pet cooler and reduces the temperature inside the dog kennel by up to 15°.

Windscreen Cover Uses

Kennel Cover
Dog Events
Dog Shows
Livestock Cover
Dog Events
Guard Dog Cover

Dog Runs
Fence Privacy
Training Schools
Dog Clubs
Pet Protection
Dog Supplies


  • Great covers for for Dog Schools, Dog Shows, Dog Training, Dog Clubs, Dog Events.
  • Dogs can avoid the the discomfort of direct sun while still enjoying good air circulation
  • Ideal for individual dog owners or commercial kennels
  • Designed for maximum care and comfort for pet
  • Brass Grommets for easy attachment
  • Will not rot, mildew, or permit growth of fungus
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Custom tailored to meet your Specifications

Kennel Covers
Custom made to any size.

FREE Shipping in the USA

Portable Kennel Covers

Portable Kennel Cover Tailored to any Specification

The Woven Polyethylene Cover is
designed specifically to keep animals cool by providing shade without restricting airflow.

Fabric Samples

100% Privacy
PVC Solid

94-96% Commercial
Shade Fabric

Open Mesh
 Tennis Court

85% Commercial
(Elite Knitted)

Fabric Features

I-Beam Center Rib For Wind Help

Wind Hole
Many Custom Styles

Binding Grommet Commercial 4-ply hem. All Double Stitched

Privacy Windscreens - Tailored to any Specification

Improve Property Appearance




WindscreensSpecialists in custom fence screening cut to specific orders. Privacy screening, fence canvas, shading material, and windscreens can be made in many different ways for chain link, wrought iron, or any other structure.

Windscreens are custom tailored to match your specification.


 Windscreen Applications

Windscreens are custom tailored to match your specifications.

A Choice of Materials that meet a variety of Applications.

Each Windscreen is Fabricated with Reinforced Commercial 4 Ply Hem Bindings on all sides.

All Windscreens have a commercial double stitch with brass (rust free) grommets on all sides.

All windscreens above 6 feet will have a commercial center back seal with grommets for extra support.

Available in Custom Heights and Lenghts to suit each individual design.


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