US Concertina Barb Razor Wire - Clip 18"-24"-30"-36"

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Razor Wire - Bird Spike - Windscreen - Kennel Cover - Fence Insert

Commercial Windscreens
Specialists in custom fence screening cut to specific orders.
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Fence Inserts & Hedgelinks
Commercial Fence Inserts & Hedgelinks
Fence Inserts provide privacy and Security - that is easy to Install.
Razor Wire
Commercial Razor Wire & Barb Wire
Meets or exceeds Federal, State and Industrial specifications.
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Hacienda Hts. 91745
Member of the Better Business Bureau. Dependable, Honest Service is our focus.

Bird Spikes
Commercial Bird Spikes
Bird Spikes block pest birds from their roof "landing strips" with the most effective "keep off" sign you can post.
Kennel Covers
Commercial Kennel Covers
Provide shade to keep your pet cooler. Reduce the temperature inside the dog kennel by up to 15".

Quality Fencing Products

We provide the outdoor fencing products you need, including razor wire, bird spikes, wind screens, kennel covers and fence inserts.

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